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Business Cards

This card is for use with the police or anyone else who thinks they can stop you and waste your time.

The police can give you a fine for wasting their time, so you can you do the same to them. Your time is valuable, so nobody should be able to waste it.

If the police want to see your ID, give them this card which includes your name and how to contact you. It also clearly outlines all the fees for your time, inlcuding arrest fees.

Your business card


Use this card to advise police of your time when they wish to detail you. It is all about money, and your time is more valuable than theirs, they are being paid for a job, you are not. You have the legal right to charge just the same as they do, but ONLY if you warn them first. Stand your ground and take their details after you give them this card to read.

250 Double sided cards with your name, address and email