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Forum instructions

There are 3 SEPARATE forums on this site.

  1. General discussion forum – for all general discussions
  2. Understanding Contracts forum – learn all about contracts and how they apply to laws
  3. Gettin’ Out’a Dodge forum – learn about the information you need to reclaim your life from govt control

Step 1 image below. Each forum has within it sub forums to keep content separated by content and then each main forum and each sub forum has Topics.

The content within a subforum is hidden from view until you click on the title of the subforum to enter into that forum to find the topics.

The Main Forum, eg General Discussion, will have its own topics and these are listed on the page in view. Subforum content is not in view until you click to enter it.

Step 1 is like the index page of a book. Each line of Pink text is the same as a chapter in a book.

When you enter the forum you will find a SEARCH button on the home page. Please use the search button to find a word or words and scroll through to find the topic you are looking for. It is much better if you learn to use the forum by clicking on the TOPIC titles so you will learn where posts are actually posted.