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I just checked Di5’s fb update on May 14- a really weird post, rambling about something that doesn’t make sense to me but the last line caught my attention:

Loved 1z

If you find yourself stricken with fear and confusion..
If you find yourself at the end of the rope with no where to go..
Is it best to seek answers from those with none..?
Is it best to appreciate their hardwork, where there is little..?
Is it best to be directed by those with no direction..?

Does it seem proper to seek knowledge from them, that have none..?
Does it feel wise to listen to them,.. absent wisdom..?

If you said yes to any of the above, you may relax now, as there are many Loved 1z out there, with exactly the state of mind you are seeking,..
How do i know this..?
Contact, any one of the Dïevergent5 former ‘inner circle’
They have possession of all the knowledge required to help you; and are ‘on stand by’ to provide it to you.
They are former, but not forgotten, they are steadfast in their confidence, and no longer require help from myself, or Dïevergents, they have the skill set, in-order to aid and assist, simply contact them for further answers.
Especially if your situation is an Emergency
The ‘good news’ is:
The ‘Temple shook’
‘House cleaning’ came to pass..
Some fell,
Others Rose..
Some need hand holding,
Some had their hand called..
Some folded..
Some were straight.
Some got flushed..
Some went Down the river.
Some will be back..
They cannot swim.
And- For those absent a life-preserver, ‘We’ are still there to help
This time, one needs to furnish security, with intent to not serve self and their glory…
For further Details:
Wait 4 approx 10 days from now…
Guess who are back!

P.S. be prepared to part with 10% of what you do not have.
It is scheduled to be taken anyway.