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Attached is a simple employment contract that anyone can use to modify to suit your own circumstances, if you are transitioning from being an employee paying taxes to a contractor using your own private foundation.

This contract is created to give you the same benefits as you would  normally have as an employee. It was created for someone in adminstration services, so if you wish to use this you would need to modifiy all details to suit that are currently part of your employment.

Lots of people negotiate these kinds of contracts everyday and transition to a contractor but most, if not all of these contracts I have seen do not give enough protection to the contractor as an employee and has allowed the employer to terminate services as if it was a short term contract. The only rights you have in employment contract are the rights you both agreed to, so if it is not written, it is not included.

Why would you ask your employer to switch you over to a contract? If your employer values your work and your knowledge and experience then they would consider this as a benefit to keep you employed.

When you have this contract signed you would now be invoicing your employer weekly, or monthly or as agreed by both, it may be a a once off annual invoice, with additional invoices for overtime or add ons. The frequency would depend on the employer’s needs and competency of their admin staff.

This contract is binding once signed and is no different to any other employment contract currently being provided by employers which are ambiguous and are the reason so many are being trapped into vaccinations and masks due to the wording. Regular employment contracts usually do not give full control of taxes and superannuation to the contractor.

This contract gives you control over your own taxes and superannuation which you can now filter through your foundation and pay whatever taxes you see fit as a self-assessing entity (which must be carefully navigated and trained).

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