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The word govts (and agents) use to claim they have rights is PRESUMPTION. They are presuming they have the right, therefore the ONLY way to break that presumption is with evidence of your own.

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Create your own documents, create your own family registers and genetic code certificates and copyright certificates, make your own or use the ones I create and publish here, or write your own statutory declarations and create your own private trusts (not publicly listed trusts) and keep your own evidence of your claim. This is what Adam is talking about. If you register everything to the govt they PRESUME they own it, and you paying the fee may just as well be you renting the thing, your car, your dog. When it comes to children, the govt pays each parent an allowance, the govt is paying for it’s own property and that is why they can tell you what to do, have the child vaccinated, the child must attend school, the child cannot wag school…. who is the one being paid to look after the child? you are, and if you don’t do whatever the govt demands for their child then what do they do? they withhold payments and as you are trustee you must now pay all the bills of the trust (child).

You must break these presumptions by creating all your own documents and the most important first step is getting the mother to sign over power of attornedy from the BC trust (also the child) to an adult child. (if you hold your BC you are still a child, check it out…name of child…Debbie Anne…). Correct your status and have your documents in order and then you can make a claim to be paid, not as caretaker but as a shareholder of the land, of the common WEALTH of Australia.