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Sodium Chlorite can be purchased here MMS Detox

and here WPSolutions

Good article to read about this mms here

Some on the telegram group have asked about DMSO too. I have had this product for many years now, it is one of the ingredients in the cancema/black salve product I make at home. I have known that DMSO was good but forgot how good until I read this article today. As a result of reading this I have now started to rub DMSO (99.9%) on to my calcified shoulder. Treatment with the Rife frequency machine has certainly assisted, as has physio and excercises but at 4 months later after injury the healing has slowed down, or IMPO, has stopped. I have cancelled all physiotherapy from last week due to no further progress for a long time, I have about 75% of all movement back but feel like a right mong trying to put my hands on my hips, it just won’t go that way. I will keep you posted with DMSO progress and will leave, for now, the MMS for my other half to use so I can judge the DMSO progress.

Here is a link to an old US 60 minutes segment on DMSO.

Another site to read here

Here is a cheaper site to buy 1 litre or more of DMSO. This product is cheap in Europe but not in Aus, buying by the litre is much cheaper than other sites selling it at $22 for 100ml.