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Private Foundations

Create a Private Foundation and join a site with other foundation owners for ongoing support and practical information. Private foundations operate outside of the public system and are non-taxable entities for commerce.
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Business cards – the police cannot charge you when you have not committed a crime. You have the same right as them to charge for services. Give them this card and stand your ground. Download a free template here to create your own cards or click on the image to have cards printed with your details and posted to you via vista print.

250 double sided cards, inlcuding delivery, $50.

Letters and Notices for download and printing

Did you know the governement has transferred legal liability to the businesses in Australia. Nobody can sue the govt for illegal activity because the govt is not forcing you to do anything, the business owner/manager is responsible and is the entity that is able to be sued for illegal activity. Anyone needing support for all of these documents can join our learning group on Telegram where we teach how to use these documents and hold zoom meetings for Q & A. Click here for the Telegram link.

No Vaccinations Notice to Employer

No forced Vaccinations, letter of Conditional Acceptance to your employer. All documents are now available in the Private Telegram groups. There are NO laws that allows an employer to force anyone to be vaccinated or wear a mask as part of their employment terms, unless your job is hazardous and requires a mask or unless you agree to wearing a mask. Read Fair Work Australia website here

Notice to School for Vaccinations/Testing

The WHO has given notice to the world that children in a school or other facility will be given vaccinations WITHOUT the written consent of a parent or caregiver. It is essential that you notify the school in no uncertain terms of your non consent to this offer in a legally binding way. Writing a simple letter will have no effect and will not hold any ground in court. All documents are now available in the Private Telegram groups


This notice is to be sent to the PM and ALL state premiers and Greg Hunt, Minister for health. Please read instructions with download. We send this to ALL state premiers to give notice we will not allow them to restrict our freedom to travel to any state for a health condition (healthy or otherwise). This document is long because it needs to cover all bases, masks, vaccines, health passport, travel, quarantine and restrictions to banking, employment and enjoyment of life due to discrimination on status of health. Please read it over and over and understand what this means to you and your family. All documents are now available in the Private Telegram groups

Notice for Contact Tracing App

Notice to print and give to any business demanding you use a Contact Tracing App on your phone or tablet. All documents are now available in the Private Telegram groups It is illegal for a person (business owner/manager/employee/police officer) to demand/force/coerce anyone to install a Contact Tracing app. Read the privacy act here.

Do I need to wear a Mask?

This document will break down the Public Health Direction announcement and show you how to decide if you should follow those general statements. Are they legally binding? Will they hold up in a court if you do not wear a mask and be fined? Read the WHO statement and document below. Masks NSW here and Masks Qld here. Please amend to suit your state. All documents are now available in the Private Telegram groups

Notice to Qantas

Anyone in Australia not happy about the declaration of Qantas to limit your right to travel on their airline? The company does not have a right to tell a customer they must have a medical condition or note or health passport to travel. If you do not write and put them on notice, then you consent by acquiescence. Here is a notice effectively putting them into a private contract with you. Qantas can have different rules for different customers, they do it every day, this is the difference between cattle class and first class. So now we need en mass to slam them with all of our private contracts. Please share this document and be part of the change in this world. This document can be changed to suit another airline in another country. All documents are now available in the Private Telegram groups

Notice to a business

This notice if for you to use if you have been refused entry to premises or services for any form of discrimination, public humiliation, not wearing a mask, not providing your personal information or using a covid safe app on your phone. All documents are now available in the Private Telegram groups

Other links

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This is in the USA but much of the knowledge applies in similar ways in the Commonwealth countries and other code law countries of Europe.