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Telegram & forum

Zoom meetings are held often and are only available to members of our Private Telegram group ‘Understanding Contracts’.

Telegram group UC is free entry if you have been given a link by a friend. Entry to the forum for all documents and discussion is $25.

Strict rules apply to zoom sessions:

  • Attendees must have camera on (if y ou don’t want to wear a mask then you must show your face in our group)
  • No recordings are allowed
  • Sessions are private meetings and not to be shared anywhere
  • please take notes
  • link not to be shared outside the telegram group members
  • must accept that we are not giving legal or financial advice of any kind
  • you will agree to a hold harmless indemnity agreement for the host/s and all other members in attendance
  • you do not have permission to record any part of the meeting by audio, video, camera or by any other means
  • All meetings a private and confidential, without liability and held without prejudice with all rights retained, these rules are binding on all members of this forum, telegram group and in particular those attending the meetings.

Strict rules apply to the Forum group:

  • All new members MUST read the pinned notices
  • The telegram groups have been closed for chatting but will remain on site for learning by reading all the history and files in the groups.
  • All discussion has now moved to a closed forum. Please do not abuse the forum with too much off topic subjects and posts, and please use the search option to find topics you want before posting new topics or questions.
  • No one has permission to claim copyright on these documents but you can use them, modify them and share them
  • All documents can be found in the FILES section in the files on telegram and in the forum as they are posted.
  • Spam or posting of anything off topic will not be tolerated and will result in immediate and permanent removal from groups
  • please read all messages from the beginning before asking questions, as your answers might already be posted and will not be covered again
  • if you do not read all documents in files before asking questions we will NOT answer your questions. Most of the hard work has already been done for you and it is your responsibility to read and research and learn, it is not hard
  • all members must agree to a hold harmless indemnity agreement, we are not giving legal or financial advice of any kind but are offering experience within a community for your benefit
  • By clicking this link you are agreeing to these terms and condtions
  • The entry fee to this group is $25.00 (AUD) which will allow the admins to keep the group operational and to pay the expenses as well as make ongoing donations to people in need who are assisting this movement
  • The learning should commence in the main Telegram group named Understanding Contracts, you should start way back at the beginning so you can learn step by step as all the basics are discussed and explained, if you have more questions, then start reading again. More advanced discussions and documents are posted in the forum on this site. Beginner basics WILL NOT be discussed in the forum.
  • The Forum has 3 membership options. Advanced knowledge to ‘get out of dodge’ and stop being a citizen include discussions and some material about taking back your sovereign rights, this is not for the faint hearted. Getting out’a Dodge is an upgrade option for those who have paid for the Understanding Contracts membership. If you wish to upgrade from UC to Gold, please contact me by email to pay the difference of $45.
  • To join us please click here to register in the forum