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Understand Contracts

Learn all the basics about contracts.

Laws are contracts and easy to comprehend when you know how to read them and all the essential elements.

We have several groups on Telegram with all the basics and are adding to this by moving over to our private forum.

The private forum has been created to keep it private, with membership rules and keeps everything out of the public access, which also offers some protection to members. All topics are open for discussion (on topic) and templates are provided for many events happening around us today. Templates are the outline for your use, to share with others, you can modify these templates any way you wish to suit your own needs, add to them or take away from them, a template is an example and does not mean that it must be left as it is to be effective. We have however done the best we can with legal words, so we suggest you learn as much as you can from the posts in the 3 or 4 telegram groups and on this forum so you have a good understanding of what the words mean in the documents provided here. We have law dictionaries for members and we suggest you check every word on the documents, even the word ‘and’ has a strong meaning when used in demands and means that all points must be met to be binding, as it is in an affidavit for a court case.

These groups have been created as learning tools so we recommend you read as much as you can, and download and read over all the templates created, even if you think they do not apply to you and your needs. The more you read the more you will begin to know how to create your own notices for any situation that arises. These lessons and documents are empowering and using them is the first step to gaining true strength and power to take back control of your life. Learn this well and you may never need to hire a solicitor ever again, especially when most of them are dragging out every client’s work to make many thousands of dollars whether or not they win, they don’t care, they will be paid win or lose, so you always lose.

Membership to Understanding Contracts is here, cost is $20 annually. When you join all links to the telegram group will be provided. Please be sure to read the rules of the group, while we all love a good discussion, we need to keep this on topic so we can learn as much as possible and not waste our valuable time.

The second group is Gold Membership, cost $70 annually. This group is for those looking to discuss ways to ‘Gettin’ out’a Dodge’, to reclaim your ‘strawman’.

The third group is named Gettin’ out’a Dodge, $50 and is an upgrade price for those in Understanding Contracts wishing to upgrade to the Gold membership.

Zooms to both groups are held often, not every week, and is open to members only. Meetings are usually general, one topic always leads to another and discussions last as long as people are talking and asking questions, all members are free to engage in discussion which facilitates learning.