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Genetic code certificate

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A genetic code certificate is claiming a copyright ownership over your own DNA and body.

When a child is born the government prick the heel of a baby’s foot and take three spots of blood which is known as the Guthrie Test. This test takes the blood of every baby born and is supposedly used to test for PKU (phenylketonuria) and is a genetic test to detect this disorder. We must question a few things with this test. Why is there a need to test every baby since the 1960’s? Surely if this was a genetic disorder then there would be no need for this unnecessary cost to test EVERY baby, surely over the past 70 years every person who was told they have this PKU disorder would have been told and would be living on a low-protein diet, and that the parents of babies born, now into the third and fourth generations would be told of their family genetic disorder and so there would be no need 70 years on to continue testing EVERY baby born costing millions of dollars in testing and reporting. Surely you would know someone with this condition if is so common that this test needs to be carried out on everyone in our community.  

The next question that comes to mind is this; how can a simple 3 drop blood sample provide enough blood to carry out genetic testing? If this is true then how wonderful, no need for the rest of us to have 3-6 full vials of blood drawn from our arms just to test for iron levels or other illnesses we suffer from time to time.

There seems to be a growing community of men and women who believe the Guthrie Test may be DNA sampling for the owner of the baby, the government and its secret power, the Catholic Church, so much for separation of church and state. While we are all very angry at our governments, the church is sitting in plain sight. We come into the world and are registered to the government/king/crown/church, then we are baptised in the church, then we are married in the church and when we die who is the one officiating the ceremony? I do not recall ever going to a funeral where a church minister was not present, even in non-religious families.

The contract of king/church ownership can exist while the child is a minor. At age 18 (in most countries) the child should be given the ‘key to the city’, his freedom, but he is not. He is forced into another secret contract that appears to be by consent but is not. He is told he must vote, it is compulsory to vote, but it is not. He signs to become an elector and by his ignorance he becomes an elector, it is compulsory for and elector – one who is on an electoral roll, but it is not compulsory for a non-elector to vote. If he contracts to vote then he must abide by the rules of the club, the king/church. The signing of the contract ensured the king/church could claim his life forever as the child is now an adult with capacity to enter a contract and the deal with the devil is done.

Is it any surprise that the current alleged viral boogie man going around to scare everyone today is going to be remedied with an experimental ‘vaccine’ that has the ingredients of mRNA which will be injected, will enter the cells and attach to the RNA/DNA and change the sequence of genes to cause the body to self-destruct from within. Why are the governments of the world doing this to their own people when so many millions are protesting against this? Why does this continue when over 50,000 doctors and scientists, and 87,000 are all protesting this? Why are there solicitors and doctors around the world initiating court cases to stop this alleged pandemic which has never been proven to exist? Thousands of good doctors in the USA are uniting against this in a group named Frontline Doctors. Why is nobody listening to us? What is the secret force that nobody knows exists? Who is doing this? Who has our DNA? The owner of our DNA is doing this because they claim they own us, and we were given a certificate to prove it, our Birth Certificate. A certificate is evidence of ownership, the government/king/church issues the certificate, our mothers registered us to the government. Regis = king (regal, royal). The one who issues the certificate is the owner and the holder is the beneficiary. This is a secret contract and a contract that is created without full disclosure of the details and is causing harm is no contract at all and can be made null and void. Every contract must have a remedy.

We can now break that contract and take control back over our lives. We can claim the copyright on our ‘name’, and our DNA and we can revoke contracts to be an elector (member of government). As creator and holder of these certificates we now have the highest standing over our lives. No longer can the government make a thing mandatory. If such a claim of ownership is made by the government or church, ask to see evidence of the claim. The government cannot provide a certificate that will be higher than the true and moral owner of the property (body).

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