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Corporate Seal/Stamp

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The corporate seal was the official mark of a corporation and as the corporation (your name) is a separate entity, the corporate seal acted as the signature of the corporation. Individuals were not allowed to authorise certain corporate acts and so a corporate seal was necessary to prove corporate authority. Today, a corporate seal may be used for deeds and for bank accounts, but even these uses of the corporate seal are becoming more and more rare. Rather than a corporate seal, state laws recognise the signature of an individual(s) with actual authority (i.e. CEO, director) as binding upon the corporation (name).

Corporate seals in the past were imprinted on wax upon a document, over time , rubber stamps were preferred and today, most corporate seals are embossed upon a document. Although no longer required, the corporate seal still retains a sense of authenticity and a mark of identity for a corporation.

Many men and women have created their own seal for their own corporation, the birth name in all caps as given by the government when a baby is registered.

We have created our own and you can have your own using one of our designs below.

We use our seal on our digital documents and email signatures. We have also had these created in red ink stamps and emobossers for paper documents. We use this seal every time we sign for any official document, deed or letter we send to the government, banks, and all other corporate entities. This seal is linking the copyrighted all caps birth certificate estate with the living man or woman, and it is his/her moral right to claim the property. Because of this, if you have changed your name from your birth name by any means, including marriage, you should be ordering a seal with your BIRTH CERTIFICATE name. Eg, a married woman might sign a document with her married name, but would also place the seal of the birth estate to link her signature to the estate.

Those that are doing processes to convert from public status to private status, may order a personal seal, or a family seal for all the family to use, or another entity, like a private trust if the birth certificate estate has been deposited into a private trust to keep at arms length.

The seal you choose is yours, so you can choose any seal and any wording, for it belongs to you and is your official symbol to officiate your documents or to use with or as your signture.

Add your seal to a pdf document – details here

When you select your favourite seal below, you can make changes to the colour, name details, line details, image or add your own image.

Seals will be sent to you as an image file and a pdf file. Image files are for use when creating documents on your computer and in emails. The pdf file is for you to use if you wish to send to a stamp printing or embossing company. All seals will be created at a cost of $30 each. If you have already purchased one of our Copyright Certificates the cost will be discounted to $25 each.

The application form on this page is purchase of SEAL only, cost $30 AUD

If you wish to purchase a Seal plus a Certificate, please click here $50 AUD

The image files we send you will be suitable for sending off to a stamp or embosser creator to give you superb quality self inking stamps and embossers for your paper documents.

Our seals work well on 50mm diameter embossers, and on 40mm self-inking stamps

Please check the image is suitable for emobosser before purchase if you intend to have a die made. Some images may not be suitable for small dies.

We have had our own seals created as an embosser with this company in Belgium, ROYAL POSTHUMUSM click here to go to their site. (they also speak english if contacted by email)

Understand your seal/stamp

Your seal is your link to your property, your birth name & trust. The ALLCAPS name is the property held and used by the govt. The name on lower line is your name as a living man or woman and is your name at birth not the name you currently use. (does not apply to companies and foundations). You are free to choose any names you wish, and your seal will be issued according to your entry on this form. We cannot give advice on how you must construct this seal.

Please enter CAREFULLY.  We do not make corrections to detail and will enter all detail AS YOU TYPE IT. We have no idea if you are making a mistake in Title Case or All CAPS, so please be careful.

New Sheriff seal for Common Law Courts

Applications for this must show evidence of authority attached.